Monday, March 9, 2009

013. More Timmy

Taken the same day as the others.

Politicos talk with their hands. A lot.

That's a Wall Street Journal article called, "Bank Nationalization isn't the Answer."

012. Welcome to Washington, where the players play

... and we ride on them thangs, like every day.

These are some old pics I took at the Capital. Second day in Washington.

011. Science rules!

Sorry, I've been dying of some plague.

About here, he's talking to the other witness about Pluto not being a planet. Apparently, if you could put Pluto where the moon is, it would dissappear. Just in case anyone was wondering, Bill Nye is legit. Even when he's not doing business, he's still talkin' science.

When I took a picture with him, he insised that I stand on his right. "Dance positions," he said. "The woman always goes on the right."

Bill Nye testifies to the House Appropriations Committee about the importance of science education.

Some noteable quotables:

  • After being asked by a congressman about what he could do at home with his children (ages 5, 9) to get them interested in science, Nye responded to let them make a mess in the kitchen, but make them clean it up. A specific suggestion: have them play with food coloring, and see if they can squirt it in the shape of a squid, "which is what squids do everyday with their ink. It's really difficult. Actually, I'm not really sure, I haven't interviewed many squid. I talk to them a lot, but I've never gotten a response."
  • He keeps two Emmys on his mantleplace, and the other five in a box.
  • "The man" is the reason Blackberries don't get service in the committee meeting room.
  • He wears a bow-tie (which he ties himself, no clip ons) because "it doesn't get caught in your shirt of flop in your flask." He may have been speaking about scientific beakers and junk, but Em and I took this to mean alcohol flask. And I prefer to think of it that way.
Not only is he pretty brilliant, he's articulate and hilarious. And he can still explain scientific concepts to dummies. All hail Nye.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

010. Tim Geithner is a celebrity

Seriously. He's all over the place. These were taken Wednesday, March 4.

Sen. Grassley, R-Iowa, loves charts.
This picture isn't really any good, but I love knowing that's not an intern holding up that sign. That's one of his tax advisors. (I know this because I called and asked.)

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wish you were here.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

009. Grab bag

Another interning pal. She's taking care of business.
I was taking photos of her subject.

There were people on the Hill protesting against coal and for "green" jobs and all kinds of enviro stuff. And then they threw their signs on the ground. Irony is even more beautiful in 12 degree weather.

Artificial light v. Natural light

This is what "moving out of the dorms day" looks like in Congress.

Monday, March 2, 2009

008. Light and fluffy goodness.

Alright, I'm bad at this "picture-a-day" thing when I spend most of my weekend on the couch. So, you're going to get a bunch of pictures from this morning's (and last night's) snow.

007. Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

You know it's bad when the residents go, "ooh."

006. Wake up from a lazy weekend. It's snowing!

The long walk to work.