Friday, April 24, 2009

We inturrupt this blog for naptime.

I did not take this picture -- and I don't know who did, I found it in the LA Times blog -- but these are the sorts of things that photogs LOVE to catch. While Big Guy's talking to credit card company execs, Larry Summers, Obama's chief economic adviser (AKA: the dude who is planning the big economic stimulus plan) decides that it'd be a good time to catch up on his prayers. Or sleep. You know, whatever.


Edit 11:30 a.m.:
Dozing off in a meeting is one thing. But check out all these cameras. How could you fall asleep knowing that the world is watching?

Fact: Economics is hard, guys.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

018. Mexican-American Border Conference reception

Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D - TX).

@ the Rayburn building -- March 2009

Totally unrelated.

It's drizzling in the District.
There are "tea party" protests being held by Repubs here, and pretty much everywhere else in the country.
They're mimicking the Boson Tea Party protests, which had to do with colonials being pissed about taxes on tea (and other things) by the higher-ups in Britain. Newcons are pissed about a four percent tax increase on higher income tax brackets (You know, because those tax cuts worked so well for everyone -- and the economy -- before.) and the big spending by the big government.

I wish I were out there, but I'm in the office, diligently working on another story.

The tea parties are outside, which is quaint.
As poor people are losing their homes, incomes and 401ks, they can be comforted by the fact that there's a classy element to poverty. Frick, tea is cheap, now.

018. NEW YORK, NEW YORK [part two]

A view of the city, from a trip in March.
Big, big buildings, dwarf the beings that built them.

There's no standing, guys. Anytime.

Of course, the Naked Cowboy.
He can legally marry you, as I just learned from his Web site.
The interns on a night-time stroll.

017. I wanna be a part of it... [part one]

All the interns went to New York for a conference about a month ago.
I was lazy with the shutter. (Bad photog, Bad.)
So, here's a moderately inaccurate depiction of Times Square, New York City.

Radio City Music Hall

We went to Magnolia and macked on some cupcakes.

They are really good, as you can see from Heather's expression.
Heather prefers to eat hers with a fork.
We shared a laugh.

"The house of chocolate."

NBC studios.
We saw Kelly Clarkson's band pull up in a van, to be greeted by Saturday Night Live interns. No one else on the street seemed to notice or care.
We didn't know they were her band. They just looked band-y and famous in that "I haven't showered but still look cool" sort of way. And when we saw Clarkson on SNL that night, recognized the same cool-lookin' people.

Inside NBC studios.
I thought of not including this photo, because it's all kinds of hot mess.
But these ladies in gowns went on the street for an impromptu photo shoot.
Really odd.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

016. Choo choo!

This is (kinda) what a train ride to New York looks like.
(This trip happened a month ago.)

015. Oh, hey, Obama.

It's the economy, stupid.
@ Georgetown University, today. Tuesday April 14 is day 85 of the administration. Day before Tax Day.

&Remember what your mama told ya, give credit where credit's due.
If you use 'em, give credit to Megan R. Wilson, Scripps Howard Foundation Wire.

Pooled press were the only ones to get up front, so all I got were side podium shots. And everybody knows that those are LAME.
Oh, well. Randy did me good despite my locational shortcomings.

Edit, 4/15/09:
Here's my story. Here's the transcript of the speech, as prepared for delivery.

Monday, April 13, 2009

014. Tax man makes IRS look cute, fluffy

These are pictures I took of "Doug the Tax Man", a.k.a. Douglas Shulman, the Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, today at the National Press Club.

Read Caitlyn's article about it.